Sustainability data partner

The partnership

Aarstiderne is among the biggest names in Danish retail and are well known for their convenient, quality cook-yourself dinner boxes, in touch with nature. We are proud to have been working for and alongside Aarstiderne for over two years, pioneering in-depth, transparent carbon footprint calculation and communication.

Pioneering in-depth carbon footprint data

The need for consumer facing companies to remit carbon footprint for products has only been on the rise for the last decade. That's where our paths crossed - Aarstiderne is a trendsetting brand and as wemuda was already engaged with the intersection of the carbon footprint field and food field, we approached Aarstiderne and set the course, leading us to where we are today. We believe that we are collecting, analysing, combining and calculating data, allowing us to provide the most accurate, wide covering and transparent carbon footprint data available currently.

LCA’s & complex business data

Working with climate footprint is an immense task. A massive amount of research is available, documenting the environmental impact of all sorts of ingredients. However, it must all be mapped to real world terms, take into account how the food is treated and consider various cleaning losses. In addition, data on processed foods is hard to come by, why we have developed our own calculation engine, accommodating all the relevant product and process features, which we are constantly improving.