The partnership

Concept Advertising constitutes the ad management aspect of Concept Group: A leading digital advertising agency in Denmark and Sweden. Wemuda serves as an analysis, development and operations partner. Our role is to automate processes, provide new insights and increase profitability. This means that we continuously seek out new areas to improve upon as well as maintain integrations, data pipelines and trading mechanisms, to name a few.

Business optimization

As we are working with Concept on continually optimising their business processes, we are proactively identifying manual tasks that can be eliminated and opportunities that will generate business to Concept. To fulfil our role, we have been diving into the interesting world of digital advertising to understand the mechanisms and are now pursuing trends in the industry that we can propose and implement for Concept.

Ad-ops role

In addition to development, wemuda is used to facilitate system operations on behalf of ourselves and our partners. However, being responsible for Ad operations has been a new and exciting assignment for us. It involves dealing with Ad Exchanges, Supply Side Platforms, Bidding techniques and many other aspects, just for us to build our solutions on top of! The systems we build for Concept are: sophisticated dashboards dealing with huge amounts of data, live bidding adjustment systems and general mapping of data between various systems and formats.