Design, development and maintenance of a SaaS platform reinventing how dietitians create diet plans.

Dietplan platform illustration


In collaboration with Diætisthuset, the biggest dietitian company in Denmark, we developed a SaaS platform capable of streamlining the way dietitians write diet plans and maintain a course with clients. Dietplan makes word templates and administrative systems redundant, and is currently in use at Diætisthuset and is currently being modified to use by other companies and individual dietitians.

About Dietplan

The platform utilizes our experience in the food domain, our simple and intuitive design, and our extensive retail data-warehouse. The platform is a one stop solution for dietitians and personal trainers, with a suite of functionality easing their work when providing value for clients. This is in terms of existing templates and a solid CRM system to keep track of clients progress throughout a course.

Custom made diet plans in minutes

The core of the system is an interactive text editor which simultaneously functions as a nutrition calculator that can adjust the proportion of ingredients in tangible amounts when adjusting the diet plan, which consumes a lot of time for dietitians. On top of that, we have developed our own PDF generator, to match our needs to generate large amounts of pdf files while having the freedom to customize them however we want.

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