Medicine reminder by Kibodan

Design and development of a SaaS solution for a healthcare IoT product.

Medicine reminder platform illustration


In June 2021 we commenced development of a SaaS platform revolving around an IoT product, on behalf of Kibodan, a leading manufacturer of dosage systems and other healthtec equipment. This extension to Kibodans popular pillbox includes sensors, reading if the individual compartments contains pills or not, and it is capable of communicating with our platform, helping citizens remember taking their medications and enabling healthcare providers to monitor the consumption remotely.

The development process

We initially covered the essential functionality of the system, by encompassing the basic features in a minimalistic interface and establishing a solid system for communicating with the devices. Throughout several iterations of user testing by healthcare providers, we learned about additional features, ensuring efficient and reliable use of the system.

Meeting the requirements

In later stages, we worked on accommodating requirements for compliance and redundancy, found in the comprehensive Danish healthcare and privacy regulations. The next step is to implement Mio into the health platforms, already used by the healthcare providers, to provide an even more hasslefree user experience.

The product

As of now, Mio provides healthcare personnel with a dashboard, displaying the status of the intended consumption of pills by a citizen, in real time. It notifies the personnel via sms, of citizens who have missed their slot and needs a visit. Furthermore, the dashboard is where configurations are made to the devices, adjusting time slots, alert volume and so on. Mio helps avoid a lot of unnecessary trips currently being made by healthcare providers, to assess whether the citizens remember taking their medication, saving precious resources.

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