If you need help getting your pipelines and infrastructure setup we’ve got you covered.


We provide dev-ops support for cloud services, including deployment pipelines, automated testing, monitoring and maintenance. For many applications this is necessary to ensure stability and scalability and the service grows, to streamline deployment processes and reduce deployment time as well as cost of infrastructure.

Agile process

For many projects it makes sense to have an agile approach to the development process. In order to provide value for customers as early as possible and in short iterations, a good dev-ops setup is needed.

Infrastructure as code

To ensure easy scalability and stability as the application user base grows, we recommend having infrastructure as code, which makes it possible to easily scale up and down. Using technologies such as Kubernetes and Terraform.

CI/CD Pipelines

We have years of experience in creating robust Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipelines in many of the popular cloud providers and services - Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, BitBucket, etc. Part of these pipelines are automatic testing, which ensures that the new versions of code pushed to production always will be working. Automatic testing includes frontend testing using frameworks like cypress, as well as unit and integration tests.

Experienced in various cloud providers

If you need help in choosing the right cloud provider for your idea or need help in one specific cloud provider, we are here to help, and can bring insights gathered from years of experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re using AWS, Azure, GCP, Firebase, etc., our team will surely be able to bring some valuable insight.

Maintenance and monitoring

As part of our service, we configure and set up monitoring of your application to easily be noticed and alerted in case any issues arise or if scaling of the application is required due to increasing traffic. If any issues occur that need immediate attention, we are on standby to deploy any bug fixes as fast as possible.

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