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Have an idea? We can help you get there, either by building an MVP for your idea or a talk if you need advice.

Let us be your partner in code!

Making good ideas come alive is one of the best things about coding - which means we love doing it! If you are holding on to a good idea and need someone to build it, we would be happy to join. With a partnership we can move fast on building what you need to scale your startup.

Minimum Viable Product

Before you hoist sails and execute on your idea, It’s all about proving that it can generate value, while sacrificing the least amount of resources. Minimum Viable Products are meant to boil down all the bells and whistles and provide the bare minimum of the value proposition, and do so in an often hacky way. We do it on our own behalf all the time, to assess whether our solutions are viable, which makes us good at both developing your MVP and helping you discover the essential parts of your product.

Equity package vs hour based

What we provide as partners is obviously our dedication to make the product succeed with a minimum of resources, our experience from prior startup journeys, and a fully fledged tech package. If you want to keep it to yourself we entirely understand and will be happy to provide the same development capabilities and start up advice.

Feasability assessment

Not sure your ideas hold besides in your head? At wemuda we have experience with making feasibility studies to determine the viability of an idea. This includes ensuring that the project is technically feasible as well as economically. With this, we can help you understand the common pitfalls when first trying to start a business with a technical solution.

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