About us

We are a software company based in the heart of Copenhagen with a focus on rock-solid software and an outstanding user experience.

Our history

Wemuda was created when a group of like-minded ITU students teamed up to create a platform that would help consumers reduce their carbon footprint. We quickly got our feet wet in the beginning and were surprised to discover how awesome it was to be working with a group of people with the same ambitions. Now, several years later, we have expanded into multiple domains and have built up a core team of ambitious people with a variety of skill sets that share our approach to business.


At wemuda we strive to create cool looking interfaces, delightful user experiences and rock solid backend systems. We created our company based on the foundation of having fun and building cool stuff, and that we will continue to do. We vision wemuda as an umbrella for smaller businesses who need assistance with the tech-side of their business, from where we can help them navigate through a complex industry. We get so involved in the projects we work on, that we fall in love with them and often end up becoming partners ourselves.

Our approach

Our team takes responsibility for the products we create and we love coming up with new and exciting ideas for how you can improve on your product. This not only helps you with improving your business, but is very rewarding for us to be a part of.

The team

As a cross functional team consisting of former fellow students, we are not only colleagues but friends who have gone out of our way to continue working together. And because we love doing it but none of us are ‘just’ developers - all being entrepreneurs as well, we fully understand that the right question is half the answer.

The people behind wemuda

Picture of Magnus Winding

Magnus Winding

Partner & Director

Picture of Alexander Nielsen

Alexander Nielsen

Partner & Lead Full Stack Engineer

Picture of Thomas Holstein Qvortrup

Thomas Holstein Qvortrup

Partner & Lead designer

Picture of Rumle Flanding

Rumle Flanding

Partner & Lead Backend Engineer

Portrait of Casper

Casper Kielland

Senior Sustainability Scientist

Picture of Rasmus Møller

Rasmus Møller

Junior developer

Picture of Andreas Broholm

Andreas Broholm

Junior developer

Portrait of Johan

Johan Schwennesen

Junior developer

Portrait of Alexander

Alexander Haubro Jacobsen

Junior developer

Portrait af Thor

Thor Find Andersen

Junior developer

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